The Liberal Mind 2

The entity can now return and see its former home, parents and other family members, in doing so it realizes that it does not belong there any longer. Reviewing all that happened, there is a manifestation of deep resentment, unfairness permeates the entity and it skips its between life review and returns to another life quickly.

Due to the increase opportunities to be reborn, the entity returns without the prerequisites it needs to fulfill before entering a new life at conception. If the entity does the between life review it would find that 999 out of a 1,000 times conditions surrounding its human partners early death were karmic (meaning due to atonement by an adverse action in the entities prior life). Instead the entity is reborn carrying over emotional and traumatic disturbances from its just past life. All this is inserted in his new human partner mind. It and the new human partner become a Quick Return Entity (Q.R.E.).* The qre must return into a situation similar to its prior life in which the between-life review was not complete.

Concentrating on just those soldiers who were killed in the 20th century wars: The returning qre may have been a Russian, German or Japanese soldier who died in the same manner. Many 20th century soldier eternal entities were expelled from their human bodies suddenly. Also how many soldiers and civilians sudden death came due to exploding bombs, traumatically ejecting the entity from a body that is not there any more. Then add in eternal entities whose human body met untimely deaths for a mired of other reasons at any age and that the eternal entity believed happened unfairly.

The qre’s returning to a life in the United States weren’t necessarily with the American armies. The entity may have been a German soldier wounded, freezing and starving to death in Stalingrad when an exploding hand grenade put him out of his misery. Or an Italian soldier about the same time and place. Who obviously had the advantage against a Russian soldier, is killed because his gun did not fire, or a Russian soldier with little or no training facing an overwhelming German force early during the German invasion of Russia, who turns to run away from the juggernaut and is shot by his own army. Another example an American soldier on a beach craft during the invasion at Normandy, (who just a few weeks ago was in high school). He is seasick the craft sinks and he drowns just a few yards from the beac

The problems that these qre’s bring to their new human mind are similar to those that a heavy smoker, alcoholic, or drug abuser may face as well. First, the individual must know there is a problem. Note: The above, mentioned sudden death entities carry over confusion to their new human mind. This mind is virtually unable to recognize any of the now ingrained items imbedded in his/her mind.

Eternal entities carry over new prejudices from the just past shortened life and from prior lives that it had returned to fix. Thus we have a human when he/she becomes an adult; hates war and hates any country that would send him/her to war, looks for and hates authorities where ever in life they are. This person is blaming all problems on the government or large corporations. Has, many confused thoughts of unfairness. He/she looks for rights for him/her self and others who they believe are fellow qre’s. The qre is born with vengeance to change everything around him/her. The entities human mind is also unable to recognize why he/she has these aforementioned emotions.

Early death in war is not the sole producer of disturbed entities entering a new life. A black person lynched by the white man early in the last century. The entity doesn’t take the time for the between life review. This qre becomes a hater of whites, and will also hate anything to do with government that allowed such a thing to happen. Another source of many qres is marital trauma. A wife is beaten and/or killed by her husband. Her entity returns without the between-life review finds its self in the same situation as the last life. Its new human female partner now hates men and will be unable to maintain a healthy relationship with any man. As an adult she becomes a member of women’s rights organizations who demand rights for women. Most prevalent is the right; she claims to kill her unborn baby, because it is her body. In 1972 five qre Supreme Court justices affirmed that right.

 When a women kills her unborn child she and the father who may have not agreed with her decision, must face God’s punishment in this life and most certainly in the following lifetime. Please note also that when a country by law allows this infanticide, that whole country will soon face God’s retribution.

*Quick return entity. Shortened to initials qre, pronounced with the emphasis on the (e). Cree or  Crees

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