The Liberal Mind

After identifying and realizing I have been receiving paranormal assistance all my life. I have become particularly interested in the wars of the 20th century and the roles eternal entities play in these regards. The inability of most humans to understand God’s will in regards to reincarnation catches my interest. I believe that this explains the reasons for the between-life errors made by the eternal entities and the resultant effect upon one’s destiny and society as a whole.

The formation of the liberal minds, are explained by this same theory. What appears to be just a political orientation the liberal is much more than that. The successful promotion of the liberal mindset has caused havoc in our country and in western society during the 20th century and still continues in this century.

It is said by Christian churches that by living a good life when you die you will go to heaven, and, if you don’t, you will go to hell. All this is for children to believe. The eternal entity within us in this life goes on after our current body is worn out and dies. Our eternal entity later enters another human at conception. The entity then guides its new human partner and attempts a duel (the entity and the human) perfect life. Eventually after many “learning lives”, the human and the eternal entity within attain perfection in God’s eyes. Then the eternal entity does not have to be reborn and is granted acceptance into the kingdom of Heaven. Our society, also believe that bigots and haters are created in their present life. This is another one for the fairytales. The majority of individuals in our world today, who have any prejudices, are carried over from another life.

Reincarnation and all its ramifications are controversial. I don’t have to convince the believers (or those with memories of their past lives). The non-believers I probably won’t convince. I nevertheless must offer the following insight regarding life, death and rebirth as it pertains to the politics of our time.

I wish to concentrate on the many millions who died suddenly during the first and second world wars, Korean, Vietnam Wars and other smaller wars in the 20th century. In battle the soldier is traumatized with an over whelming fear of death. The eternal entity within us is also in a state of shock. When the human soldier is suddenly dead. In some cases the soldier’s eternal entity skips God’s required between life review. It simply wants to be reborn quickly and continue a life it feels was unfairly taken. Very little world time is used in this endeavor.

The entity during a “between-life review”, must understand the reasons why the death of its human partner happened in the manner that it did. The entity then must find the right birth situation, time, place, and parents, which will allow the entity to advance spiritually. This will provide enhancement in learning that the re-born entity needs in its new human life. All of the above is not easily completed it takes world time and defeats the entities goal of returning quickly.

In past centuries the world population grew more slowly. In most cases, entities were able to reenter a new life only after many worldly years. In the 20th century, man has eliminated many diseases, and antibiotics have successfully controlled other diseases. Our ability to raise enough food, has greatly improved the universal health of people who now live much longer. This has resulted in an accelerated birthrate. Subsequently more entities have the opportunity to enter a new life much sooner than in earlier centuries.

The following example may explain this. A very happy 18 year old in 1941 is drafted by the U.S. Army. Soon thereafter, he is a soldier on the Island of Guadalcanal. Japanese soldiers attack his army platoon, and a fierce battle ensues. During the battle he is afraid for his life and traumatized; then is killed. In this example, the dead soldier’s eternal entity the last 20 weeks is a blur, drafted, boot camp, transport by ship and by air, then the battle, and death of its human partner. The eternal entity is deeply disturbed and equally traumatized when it looks at its former body mangled on the battlefield. The entity feels life was unfairly taken from its human partner. It had a good life ahead, a good human partner, and both could have easily advanced in every way in their duel life, had its human partner lived.

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