The Liberal Mind 4

Liberals prevent building of defensive misisle system       President Reagan’s speech in March of 1983 proposed that the United States install a missile defense system. He called it the strategic defense initiative (SDI) that was to develop a missile that could shoot down an incoming enemy ballistic missile. The qre liberal politicians and the three broadcast networks became hysterical. They gave it the name, “Star Wars” implying that Reagan’s proposal was a joke, not realistic and could not be completed. Reagan worked hard to get some funding for the program. The first president Bush reduced funding for SDI because of the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. Then a recovering qre liberal William Clinton became president in 1992 and he shelved the plan. The republican “Contract with America” in the 1994 election won a majority in congress. One of their items was to fully fund SDI. It was unfortunate at the time that Sam Nunn, a conservative democrat from Georgia, found that SDI would violate our missile defense ABM treaty with the USSR. This gave the qre liberals more ammunition to rally against SDI. Typical of the qres, they weren’t ready to admit our treaty, was with the USSR that no longer existed. The qres in government would not consider the aforementioned facts, because doing so might help our country.

The republicans tried once more to resurrect SDI. In 1996 the Defend America Act was legislation introduced on missile defense policy. S. 1635 in the Senate, sponsored by Sen. Dole, and H.R. 3144 in the House, sponsored by Rep. Livingston, were identical measures, entitled the "Defend America Act of 1996," that would have required deployment of a nationwide missile defense by 2003, to be followed by later deployment of a more effective, layered defense including space-based elements. Both bills were reported out of committee, but only the Senate bill was debated on the floor, where a cloture motion failed on June 4. 1996.  President George W. Bush in 2001 secured some funding for SDI. Now in 2012 America has very limited ability to shoot down incoming missiles. We cannot know how advanced our capabilities to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles would now be had Reagan SDI imitative been funded for these last 29 years.

The qres as I recounted before are only capable of emotional decisions. They are consumed by hate. They profess that they protect everyone, and they love people. However this is a guise. They hate the U. S. government, our military and anyone who challenges them in their pursuit of hate. To advance their hatred for government many qres are members of the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization, by its actions, has proven that a good portion of its work is to punish our governmental authority. 80% of college professors are qres. They spew their hatred to our children who are trying to obtain a college education. The young who attend their schools are there to learn and many are not aware of this qre liberal bias that is interspersed in their studies. These professors earn tenure and thereafter can never be removed from their positions. The only item the school administrators pay attention to is an alumni’s threat to withhold his/her donations. No business firm of any size would give any class of employee tenure, no matter how important they are. Such action by a business firm would be a recipe for quick failure. The qres liberals in our society want government financial help for our young to pay for this higher education. No attention is paid as to how much is being paid to the qre worthless professors and the qre school administrators. Many of our gifted students could easily go on with a successful life without this “higher education.” The great misfortune is that many businesses close their doors to those who don’t have a college degree.

The qres owned three broadcast networks continued their liberal elitist propaganda without any opposition until 1988 when one of the great men of the later 20th century came along. The immensely popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is that great man. Over twenty million tune in to the over 600 radio stations that carry his program each weekday. He is an old soul and far more intelligent than all the individuals who own and anchor the qre broadcast networks. He challenges their far left liberally filtered news reporting on a daily basis. One thing Rush says many times is that he has “Talent on loan from God” driving the qre liberals, and those who call themselves secular progressives, mad.

Rush calls the women’s right organization “the National Association of Gals” (NAGS) and its members “FemiNazis” an excellent description of them. Rush Limbaugh and other talk show hosts he inspired now dominate talk radio. They tell the truth about what they call liberal media bias.

 Qres agree only with leftist governments, especially leftist dictatorships, and are in agreement with those they recognize as qre brothers and sisters throughout our world. This vast generation claims that we should talk our way out of today’s world situation.The politicians, broadcast networks and all the qre’s left talk of individual freedoms. However, only their idea of individual freedoms will do. They got and are happy with  their right to kill our unborn children at will. They hate governmental authority, and government leaders that are not fellow qre’s. They will agree to anything put forth by others whom they recognize as their brethren. They will only follow our government when the president is one of them. Be aware that these individuals have gained unlimited power by the election of our now antichrist president Barack Obama whose idea are the same as their own 

It is near impossible to describe the qres, leadership qualities because they do not possess any. They cannot defend their far left position because, as I have mentioned before, their minds are filled with hatred and are incapable of any rational thought.

This is the scourge that war brings. God wants all entities in between life to review and accept the circumstances of their death in a past life. Then plan a return without the deep, seated hatred that otherwise would absolutely be carried over. I do not have any answers on how to handle qres at this time, other than defeating them in national elections. I know God is punishing the qres. They will be returned to their past life situation until they come to terms with the facts about karma. These people are not in any way improving them selves or our country. Some qres prior lives were not terminated early. They transfer an entity with talent from one life into another life. The ease of doing this has increased with the possibility of being born in our present times. It is easy to skip the between-life review with the knowledge of financial success and some happiness in a new life.

One dominant trait possessed by the qres is that they are enemies of the truth. They stray from the facts and enter their world of falsehoods. Most of those in government have been caught with this behavior. The qres liberal members of government use falsehoods and lies on a regular basis to get reelected or to smear their political enemies’. Many times this behavior works. They know that there is little chance the three qre infested broadcast networks will expose them. They also know that, in the general population, there are qres and many others who vote for them.

Telling lies by a politician is not against the law. It is simply freedom of speech. There are many ethical politicians who stay with the truth and who want to keep their integrity. God bless them. This reminds me of what Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a diseased former democratic senator from the state of New York, said regarding the truth: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions but not his own facts”

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery” Winston Churchill.

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