The Liberal Mind 3

Hippies and flower children.      The  greatest population of qres (results of World War 2 deaths) came of age during the middle and later 1960’s. They were called “the flower children” and Hippies . They did not contribute anything to society. They destroyed property defecated on streets. In their camps women were raped. The hippies Woodstock music festival August 15 to 18, 1969, 500,000 qre’s (hippies) gathered in a field with virtually no toilet facilities or other amenities.. The qre’s in the press and television media today are still nostalgic of the Woodstock hippie gathering. Sadly, many of those hippies are now running our country.  The Hippies are the more militant qre’s who protest. The greater majority of qre’s who may not be involved in protest they however, fully agree with all other fellow qre actions. To fully understand the hippies of the 60’s one need only to take an honest look at the “occupy movement” today.

The qre eternal entities, current human mind at a young age knows more of life because of the short time from life to life. This manifests in their mind a sense of superiority. These individuals have no problems carrying over their talents and quickly advancing to a position in their new life matching the point reached in a prior lifetime.

Carrying over many talents into a new life does not mean the individual is a quick return entity. A majority in our society today are “old entities” or “old souls”. These individuals have experienced many lives; each one is advancing themselves and mankind in a positive way. The world of learning is wide open to them. They also are on a straight path to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

The qre’s are a minority in our society, over the last 60 years it didn’t seem that way because a large number of qre’s became news reporters and for many years they held a majority in television and newspapers ownership. They have had a majority in government.

Lets recap what a qre is. They kill their unborn children with abandon. Hates any authority unless the authority is one of them. Hates government, unless a qre is their president. They look for rights for self and others. The qre cannot or has no logical argument that defends his/her mindset, for this reason they easily lie and tells untruths.

The qre’s can’t face or understand any other mindsets because God give them no such abilities. They harbor many prejudices. Their feeling of superiority is consumed with the urge to tell others how to live.

Many today, to unwrap themselves from the word liberal call themselves “secular progressives.” The secular progressives are also qre’s they may have a religion and go to church. However, be aware that they very likely are godless. Their eternal memories cannot fully believe in a God that allowed its prior life partner to be terminated in a manner described herein.

Qres that are reincarnated white Angelo Saxons, as adults not only have an inordinate aversion to war, they make it known that they will surrender to an enemy if given the chance. In the midst of the Cold War against the communist Soviet Union, our American qres at the time had a majority in the press and television their favorite saying was: “Better red than dead.” This motto confirmed the ignorant mindset of this qre generation.

The qre’s just before world 2 virtually took over the national press, and after world War two had a majority including all the television networks most newspapers and most actors and movie industry people. They enjoyed a monopoly filtering the news through their qre mindset. These qre’s say other Americans are bigots, haters, against rights for minorities, against animal rights against women’s rights. Accusing other Americans all that they have ingrained in their minds

An example of a qre mindset lets go back to Walter Cronkite (a qre) a CBS network news manipulator. He announced on his evening broadcast in the early 1970’s that America had lost the war in Vietnam. The continuous coverage by all three networks during the newscasts reported anti-Vietnam war diatribe. Many Americans were fooled and became concerned because of the constant reporting by the qre networks.

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