The Brilliance of GOD 

Three to four hundred years from now on earth, the person I am at that time is approached by another person who will say, “You are John.”  That is not my name, however quite quickly I will reply. “You are Pia.”

God’s brilliance is at work, man over many years developed and tested a superior sequence of the entire human genome. This created a person that has superior intelligence, a mind that in today world would be considered genius.  Health is outstanding, and a body free of infections.  Survives with little intake of food, and will live 200 earth years or longer. Important during this time, is a structure that is smaller than, but designed like a 20th century enclosed sports stadium, the interior area arranged in pristine and meticulous order. What appear to be aquariums each filled with a fluid like water. In this fluid one can see these new humans with umbilical cord attached.  Gestation is less than six months. As adults they will be less than 5 feet in height, they all look alike and are neither male or female. 

Pia and I are two of the first very large group of babies born in this manner. In our mind we have access to all the details of our past lives. We can choose any past life, and experience that life as it was during any moment or period of time

These new earthlings completed grammar school in 10 days then skipped to advance education for one year. This is equivalent to 6 high schools and 6 years of a university education. They read a book as quick as they can turn the pages. Then retain a mental image of each page.

On earth since the 21st century there have been frequent earthquakes, some with catastrophic loss of life.  Earthlings have pumped water in the earth where petroleum, coal or other mineral was extracted in prior centuries, but it is still seismically unstable. Since they now travel to other solar system in our galaxy and beyond, they have been looking for a new home planet. One was found many earth light years away.  It has by earth standard a day quite close to 25 hours. The year is much longer. The atmosphere and the climate are similar. There are no intelligent beings living there. Most important it is much more seismically stable. That is why the decision was made to move to that planet. In fact ten thousand earthlings are there preparing urban areas for the future influx of the earths population.

Our birth group numbers 8,000; in our prior lives each of us has a specialty that is needed to first convince then help some reluctant earth residents to leave all their material possession and make the journey to their new home planet. The endeavor will last about 20 earth years. As for genius’ we were told during all the centuries man has been on earth up to and including the 23rd century, most genius’ had imperfection in mind or body to over come long after our present age of ten. We were advised to thank God because we have no such impediments. Furthermore we are expected to quickly prove how outstanding we are.  

When Pia in that incarnation called me John, I knew instantly her name and that in the 20th century we spent a lifetime together as man and wife and raised 3 children. During our conversation using our 20th century incarnation, our mind worked slow compared to our present mind. We each discussed some of the events during our marriage. We both noted how much better our following two incarnations were.

Pia said that in her 22nd century incarnation. As a 6 year old her mother was very sick for 2 years, she was hospitalized often.  Occasionally her father asked a very old neighbor to watch her and her little brother for an hour or two. When that old neighbor was watching them he made her laugh all the time.  A highlight for her during her mother’s Illness.  She said she recently reviewed that 22nd century lifetime; the old man was her father during her 20th century incarnation; who died when she was 4 years old.

Speaking of laughing I recounted my 22nd century incarnation, I was born in an area east of Binghamton NY and north of Susquehanna, PA. It was late 21st century. In school at age 7 a quest instructor came one day. Our teacher introduceder her and said we should call her Ms. Candice. The eyes of a 7 year old saw a very very old lady. She was alone in front of the classroom, had no instructional material. As soon as she started talking everyone began to laugh we were still laughing 40 minutes later. When she finishing all my classmate and I gathered around her, each of us wanted to be recognized. When my turn came, I knew she was my grand daughter in my prior life. I spoke words that I am sure in her mind she had to know I wasn’t just another student. She smiled and patted the top of my head. that day the class laughed so much we didn’t realize how much we had learned.  

During our conversation sad news broke that 2 earthmen were killed on Equator Island. By an animal called a triode.  Equator Island is about the size of the United States located on the equator of our new home planet.

A triode is a small vicious animal the size of an average rat with small strong wings that allows them to fly very short distances.  They have 3 small legs with feet like those of an eagle.  Many triodes will attack a victim at the same time.  Their feet attached themselves on any part of a host body; they are veracious eaters, and can consume any larger body like that of a man in minutes, most triodes die after such an attack. Triodes also drown easily, for this reason Equator Island has an inherent nasty odor.Man has through mental telepathy controlled all wild animals on earth and our new home planet, except the triode.

The new earth generations “parental born” and we of the new “parentless born,” are feeling very close as we lovingly inter act in life with  each other. We agree the triode will not be a problem when we arrive at our new home planet.