Susquehanna PA Photos

Commom top photograph

The Susquehanna Sons of Italy band middle 1920s  

Members identified by Pat Parrillo and Louie Parrillo both gentlemen diseased

Front row Left to right  -  Felice Pagano -Willian Canini - Joe Caruso - Salvatore Mauro - JosephOrlando - Dominic Caso - Angelo Battisti - Unknown* - Michael Pagano-Angelo Calogioia-Fernando Pacifica

Middle row left to right -  Paul Morelli - Prosper Pagano - Americus Gabriele -  Louis Galetto - Pasquale Valentine - Nicholas Napolitano 

Joseph Parrillo - Joseph Mango - Christopher Delucia 

Top row left to right –Liberato Parrillo - John Parrillo - Vito Cianfriglia -Frank Napoitano - Pasquale Mango - Young Phillip Radicchi - Joseph Radicchi. 


Other Susquehanna photos below



Above Our home on 612 Prospect Street during the Great Depress

Paintring by Edith Seal

Above Grand Street Susquehanna before the Great War From the Joyce Mallery-Finch Collection

Above Looking  west toward the station the west bound yards and in the distanceacross tthe railroad bridge the Susquehanna river to the coal pockets; the Erierails then continued westward to Binghamton, Buffalo, Cleveland andChicago.   see a map of the old Erie on the Erie Railroad  page.

From the Joyce Mallery-Finch Collection



Above From the Paul H. Jones collection  Susquehanna Station 1915 view from west to east    


Above The Sons of Italy Band photograph above was taken in front of this hotel    From the Joyce Mallery-Finch Collection    




Above No 1 the Erie Limited westbound leaving the Susquehanna coal pockets 1938       From the Paul H. Jones Collection (Paul was a middle 20th century Erie telegraph operator)