World Predictions 2016

New York Citatomicy will be destroyed by an atomic bomb.

The atomic missiles are prepared in China and at first will most likely be launched from an Arab nation. The now very sick survivors of New York, Providence and Piscataway will have no relief from the cold, no clean water, food or medical attention. No rescue to look for.

Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. thousands of individuals and families take to their automobiles and intend to get as far away from the perceived next city to receive the nuclear bomb. This will completely destabilize the northeast. Citizens fleeing Chicago and suburbs will destabilize 400 miles in every land direction. Not as many, but fleeing citizens will destabilize the following cities and areas of Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston.

The nation’s gas stations will run out of gas and no replenishments arrive.

America’s other town and cities will not be that much better off. Stores will be emptied, and replacement foodstuffs are not arriving.

From Los Angeles and San Diego; in the beginning many in automobiles will reach Needles, Kingman, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Blythe, Yuma and Phoenix. This will only totally destabilize those areas.

The worst of all, will be those stranded in the California deserts. Tremendous traffic jams, will doom those who make it past Barstow, Palm Spring, Descanso and El Centro.. They will run out of gas, food and water. Many thousands will die of dehydration and starvation, those abandoning their automobiles in an attempt to walk to food or water will not be better off than those who do not. I see 3 or 4 helicopters over the many hundreds of thousands of square miles of desert and they will have very little water or food to deliver.

The military Joint Chief of staff, now located in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado will first get rid of Barack Obama the Antichrist. They will run the government until they appoint a person based on his ability to form and run a new civilian government, who will appoint other qualified individuals to help him. This person will seek a new capitol city in a different area of the country. That area may be on the Mississippi river, possibly closer to the twin cities.

This is only the end of the beginning of the destabilization of our country and the world.