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Moiano, Italy
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Moiano The year is 1883. The scene is a tiny, obscure Italian village, Moiano, nestled beneath Tuburno Mountain, which looms 1980 feet above it. Dusty roads lead to the village square where the well, which supplied fresh water for the 400 inhabitants, is located. Small stone huts dot the countryside, but the agricultural land is located “coppa monte”--up the mountain, where the land is fertile and rich and contains many rocks. It is there, where the farmers of Moiano eke out a meager living raising grains and vegetables.

Moiano is 21 miles from Naples. To find it head 18 miles north east from Naples to the village of Arpaia, then three more miles straight north to Moiano . the village and the area for miles around is rolling hills. In the winter the snow covered caps of the Apennine Mountains can be seen in the east. The climate of Moiano is similar to southern California. There is enough rain during the growing season (March-November) to sustain many food crops. There was nothing exceptional about this village; it had the usual percentage of petty thieves, wife beaters, child abusers and drunks. Most importantly, every one knew who they were. Primarily because there was nothing of great value to steal or extort from anyone in town, the feared Mano Nera (Black Hand) were absent. The only doctor in town had to compete with mal occhio (evil eye) rituals and many other local cures. There was no dentist, however one day a month two men who called themselves den­tists, arrived in the town square on a two wheel cart pulled by a ciuccio (jackass). The cart carried a supply of wine and one chair. Customers who lined up were given a glass of wine. In turn each was seated in the chair; then one so called dentist held the patient's head while the other extracted the ailing tooth. On those days you could hear the screeming and wailing all over town.



 Chiese San Pietro Dad and mother were married in this Church July 1919