Hornell, NY          During World War 2

Double header fast freight pulling out of the westbound yard in Hornell on a calm cold winter morning in 1938. No doubt a fast freight because it was powered by two 2900 passenger engines.

From the Paul H. Jones collection


In 1989 Pia and I drove from Binghammton to Hornell.  There I went to Bryant Elementary; I stood on the sidewalk in front of the school. I wanted to walk in and thank Miss Kemp, my 6 grade teacher.

The school didn’t look the same, and of course Miss Kemp has not taught there since 1940. The Erie roundhouse is gone, the back shop is still there and only from the outside it looks much the same as it did more than 70 years ago. The old Erie passenger station is boarded up and abandoned.

We drove 6 miles to the other side of the town of Arkport, to see the farm house and the far
m, where my friend Salvatore, and I worked two summers as teenagers. I suddenly wanted to find and talk to Salvatore. We visited old railroad friends who lived in Hornell, and we had a good time at dinner with them. I asked them where Salvatore was. No one seemed to know, they thought he moved years ago to Wellsville, or Rochester. Our two week trip wa.s ending, I hacoppa Mnted no more time to look for him. Later I sadly found out that he died in 1986.  from the book "Coppe Monte" Available on buybooksontheweb.com

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The River Street bridge. I watched it being built. The old bridge it replaced was concrete with arches underneath and no overhead structure. Looking south on River Street; at the time one hardly noticed that a bridge was there. During the 1935 flood it was said that the old bridge arches stopped uprooted trees and other debris coming down stream restricting the flow of the river which increased the over flow of water across the city. Recently a new bridge has replaced the bridge in this photo.


 Above A photo of Front Street taken from co

Above Eastbound train passing Hornell passenger station on a rainy night 1939

From the Paul H. Jones collection -Paul was an early 20 century Erie Telegra